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Campfire Convention is a new social network and event for people seeking a new creative space to gather, just launched at  

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We believe that there is a desire for a new community with potential to grow into a vibrant ecosystem where people can come together to share common interests, passions, ethics and motivations, whether related to work or play. We aim to provide an environment where members can facilitate personal and social change, free of many of the restrictions and machinations associated with commercial interests.

Campfire is a social experiment in collaboration and social change. The web community aims, like a traditional campfire gathering, to encourage members to tell their story, celebrate song, discuss issues of the day, explore new possibilities, start a movement, showcase work and ideas, formulate campaign ideas, chase dreams or find out what’s going on in the world. Or just chill.

The Campfire is a space that taps into the essence of how we communicate with each other, fostering a culture of listening to others’ ideas and points of view, a spirit of open-mindedness and a duty to work for the good of all.

These qualities will be at the heart of our Campfire, ensuring a future for younger people who will shape our world. It’s important to focus on the hope that we can contribute to future generations at a time when society is so fractured and polarised. 

“I come to Campfire because I’m interested in new social ideas, how we can run the world, how we can think differently about things. I’ve met a lot people at Campfire who have specific and very exciting projects that really are to do with re-thinking democracy and understanding that democracy means ruled by the community, it doesn’t mean what we have now. Brian Eno, Campfire patron, musician, activist, inventor

The Campfire platform is designed to be truly progressive in an era where increasingly Facebook/Google-style algorithms define and categorise us according to commercial imperatives. The priorities of the Campfire community will be led by its members and its aim is to develop a truly modern co-operative.                                                                     

The concept has been devised and is led by social entrepreneur Pete Lawrence, the founder of the successful Cooking Vinyl record label and Big Chill festivals. The Big Chill was well known for its thriving and proactive online community before the current mainstream social networks were established. Pete says "What are we aiming for? Obviously a thriving community, a vibrant website and exciting events, but our vision can extend a lot wider. We can play our part in social change, in helping create a fairer society and in empowering our own membership, both individually and collectively by providing an environment where ideas can lead to inspiration, debate can lead to determination, co-creativity can lead to collaboration and realisation, which in turn can lead to recognition, confidence and financial rewards too."


Campfire Convention 001.UK

In summer, 2016 we staged our first weekend event (12-14th) in the English countryside  

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