Renewal and Fresh Challenges

I love the concept ot Campfire Convention igniting sparks and fanning the flames to go forward. Dealing with huge unimaginable changes in my life saw me shut down. The opportunities to link with fresh minded open hearted people in a collaborative context is so welcome. CC also gives me an opportunity to share the immense experiences and skills I have acquired after many years in the global vibes music business (campaigning for and supporting women in music, managing mostly African artists, touring, promotion, writing, speaking, organising and being on musicbiz panels, presenting events .....) and in community radio (broadcasting music and speech, interviews, features, training) and use these to make a real difference. And at the same time learning and listening to new ideas and thoughts and finding new skills I hadn't previously considered. I truly enjoyed the thinking and sharing weekend recently at the site and was so inspired and restored by the encounters with everyone there - I definitely want more and want to be a part of making this happen. The campfire is a wonderful space to debate, discuss, decide. Let's do this!!


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