A joyful future for humanity

I want to live a human life and the current model does not fit. Autonomous education. Healthy, equal relationships. Social justice. Social equality. Collaboration with all ecosystems. Understanding of death leading to a compassionate, conscious passing. Losing our fear of death. I'm a disabled, single, home educating, ex-corporate manager with passion and intelligence. Campfire convention will be fantastic if it remains honest and people across with integrity and humility. Abuse exists everywhere. Often coming from the subconscious. We need a 'call it, name it' approach so we can all recover from centuries of misguided culture, society and patriarchy. My biggest fear in any organisation is bullying, manipulation, coercion, intimidation and ego. This is the current state of the human race and is the fundamental change we need to see to make community and collaboration work to create a joyful life.


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