Embodied Democracy

I've worked as a psychologist and lecturer for most my adult life, leaving behind my earlier interests in politics and radical democracy. Now I am returning to those earlier passions with decades of 'inner attention' work and some insights into how the same structures and oppressions seem to return no matter what the flavour of the politics, right or left, centralised or decentralised, majority rule or consensus, or anything in-between. 'People' need to change if the way we live is to change, otherwise there really is no change. Alongside systemic change we need to learn to listen deeply to what we actually experience and know 'bodily', then we can build new ways of living together that are wiser and more creative than anything we have attempted till now... Psychologists and academics and professional agitators etc are not the experts. We have a lot to 'unlearn' in order to be open to new possibilities


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