'The seas are dying, the forests are on fire and the climate may be changing', how do we react to this as individuals both in a practical and theoretical context. As you can see from the above, I restore meadows in Herefordshire and Worcestershire; is that an appropriate level for action? Can one also work as part of a global perspective...


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    thank you, Mark for your reply “we don’t blog, we do” ! excellent. But most especially for starting the thread off with your expertise on solitary bees. I will wait to see how its taken up by others and added to.
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    Hullo Sarayen. I am waiting to read your post. Bees are a worry and not just honey bees of course as there are many species of solitary bees that are under threat. In addition to the WWT pollinator initiative people like ourselves are busy trying to preserve and create habitats suitable for ground nesting bees and others. We don’t tend to blog, we do and … the more the better. Mark
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    Hello, Mark, I live fairly near to you and so does the friend I mention in my post – please will you look at my post about bees dying, posted Monday 15th (once mediated). As you seem an experienced blogger and clearly very experienced and passionate in practical action, you may be able to contribute to the thread on bees and if you need extra hands in your meadows once in a while we may be able to help you!
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