Join our Campfire Beacons

'Beacons' seems to be universally loved as a suggested name (thanks Louise Scrivens!) and has been superbly conceptualised visually by our designer Ian Cuthbert.

The proposed Beacons idea comes out of discussions at Campfire Circle 003.UK. The idea is that they are voluntary teams promoting participation in the keys areas of Campfire and the decision making processes attached to each.

On our beta site, they would mostly be set up as private Projects, only visible to the respective team members. Teams could then progress plans and coordinate via their own Beacon Projects.

Initial suggestions for Beacons :


Ethos : Values, Ts and Cs, privacy, What do we stand for? 

Admin : Company admin, accounts, book keeping

Biz : Planning, company, finance, forecasting

Geeks : Website development , research, issues, software 

Design : Concepts, print, flyers, logos, icons, programmes

PR : Social media, event feeds, promotion and publicity

Nationbuilder : Our holding site, updates, editorial, mailing lists, mail blasts

Media : Archiving, film & audio recording, transcribing

Editors : Guild and Bugle editors, content, directives, policy

Mentoring : Tutorials, nurturing new members

Learning : Campfire courses and education

Experience : User experience, analysis. expectations, feedback

Events : Coordinating various events diary - Conversations and Circles

Kindling : Campfire youth gatherings and initiatives 


Campfire Convention Beacons:

Site : Management, contractors, health and safety, orders, decor

People : Tickets, guests, artist liaison, volunteers

Programme : Schedules, speakers, panels, music, art, visual

Catering : Food and drink

If you have a better name for any of the above - or would like to suggest an additional Beacon, or if you would like to sign up for a Beacon please write to:



Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
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    Hi Pete, happy to volunteer for CC Management and People Beacons – Andie Brazewell
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