Nudging beyond 'water cooler' moments...?

My professional interest is organisational space - learning and work space in particular. Many organisations seem to think progressive workspace design is about facilitating encounters around water coolers and coffee machines, for that chance, informal encounter that leads to a brilliant new idea. I wonder whether we can think beyond 'space' and reestablish a sense of 'place', which is something necessarily more social, inherently more political, and fundamentally more empowered. I was inspired by the parallels and possibilities when I heard about Campfire on 6 Music, and - mixed with Big Chill memories - it got me wondering about the potentially more powerful blend of physical and online network 'spaces' to seed new ideas. I'd like to be part of the experience from the outset...


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    For people to engage with energy and even passion, the creation of space needs to be protected and valued, in terms of aesthetic investment and potential beneficial outcome.
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