Writers under threat

The publishing world is changing and it is increasingly difficult for writers to make a living. When the purchase price of a book reduces to less than the cost of production there can only be one fall guy -literary quality. Hopefully, together on Campfire, we can create a vibrant community of writers (and readers) and develop ways of reversing this trend as well as entertaining each other.


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  • commented 2016-02-26 21:49:10 +0000
    I am looking forwards to reading thought provoking articles and stories.
    Having recently picked up and read a novel, the first in several years I understand that the written word is not dead, it had just buried under a mountain of meaningless words. As an avid reader my love was eroded over time through a work culture of sealing every conversation with an email, in excess of 300 a day. I was also part of the monster in piling high and selling cheap (sorry).
    We live in a time of great choice unfortunately choice has a consequence.
    Write on.
  • commented 2016-02-26 20:46:05 +0000
    It’s very true that quality journalism and writing in its widest sense is hugely under threat – from the national mainstream media looking for ad clicks above all else and from increasingly squeezed publishers. Authors and writers are up against it. Reader song have it easy either as much of the integrity of the writing is compromised by editorial policy and commercial considerations. For Campfire, entertaining the community ideally needs to go hand in hand with giving something back to the contributors amongst us and to that end, I have hatched a plan which I’d welcome feedback on. Have a read http://campfire.nationbuilder.com/utopian_model
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