Eno's call to arms for Campfire Convention 001.UK


Keynote speaker, ambient musician and activist Brian Eno has issued a call to arms for the newly formed Campfire community in the run up to their inaugural August gathering in rural Herefordshire in the wake of post-Brexit political chaos the spate of high profile resignations that followed.

Eno says “The last 40 years have seen a steady decline in relative living standards and incomes for the poorest half of society. The Right-wing press and the ideologues who own it have blamed the whole process on outsiders: the EU, immigrants, the Chinese etc.. This is the fertile soil that The Simpletons (ie people with a Simple Answer) such as Trump and Farage have been tilling. They've managed to channel the discontent of working people not at the legislation and economic conditions that engendered it, but elsewhere.

"With the ongoing collapse of any form of coherent government in this country we need to start looking at other ways of creating a society that works for all of us - not just the wealthiest. The rise of various brands of populist Simpletons makes it essential that we start sorting out our own visions of society so we have something more attractive - and more true - to offer.”

Campfire Convention prepares to debate the shape of society that we want and how the community can play its part at the launch the new social network in late summer, as we gear up for our first outdoor gathering around the Campfire. Join us for Campfire Convention 001.UK over the weekend of August 12-14 in the English countryside and play your part in setting the tone for what is to come.  

Those gathering around the Campfire in this glorious Black Mountains foothills setting will be empowered to contribute, enthuse and energise our new community to help the sparks ignite for a ground-breaking new style of event which has the potential to evolve into multi-faceted weekends staged and curated by the community itself.

Brian Eno has accepted our invitation as keynote speaker and our music line-up for this intimate weekend is headed up by English roots powerhouse Edward II and DJ Greg Wilson. Daytime activities centre around speakers, panels and workshops.

Tickets are limited to 500.

Founder Pete Lawrence writes about Campfire's Trailblazers campaign

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