A New Way

All the work I'm currently doing is connected with crowd mobilising. I'm currently working with photographer Barry Cawston to produce a book, touring exhibition and digital platform designed to provoke comment, blogging and creative responses to the current social and political status quo. I'm involved with a few people and groups who are working with creative agencies to stimulate more purpose led work with brands, and I teach crowdfunding skills to creatives and social entrepreneurs. There are many voices in the various projects, and most, it seems, have a few simple shared aims in building tolerance and compassion, fostering economic and political progress and working with nature and new tech to mitigate climate change. I am looking for new ways to bring people and organisations together across communities of interest to address big issues, not least the current defunct political system, resulting in impactful action. Which is why Campfire Convention appeals so much. www.hopperprojects.com @hopperprojects @arewethereyetbk #questioneverything


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