making technology great again?

Hey there. In the age of ubiquitous computing and omnipotent web access, it's too easy to Instagram that drink, to tweet about how your team played last night, upload an image or two to Facebook from your debaucherous weekend. Yet, it's difficult to unite all of this social networking together and ultimately, what societal benefits are there? Well, here at Campfire, I think we can do things differently. Lets work towards a greater level of collaboration and discussion, lets drop the singular from our postings and work towards a 'we' instead of 'i'. Social Networking is misunderstood by a lot of people and I think that's because it's geared towards connecting with people and maintaining contact with people based on known friendship or commonality in shared interests or family members, or perhaps a handful of characters. What if we used this ubiquitous computing and omnipotent web access to expand and extend our online life with people who simply have a shared interest in your topic of choice? We (the content authors) have a greater audience - all of whom are very likely interested in the topic - therefore should be more willing to engage in discussion - challenging assumptions and taking part in healthy conversation. Reddit style AMA's, Facebook's timeline, Twitter and its 'locally global' feeling, Instagram's image capturing, all combined to feel like your fave' niche web forum or your preferred blog - but with the benefits of taking all of the good bits and blending it together. A bit like a s'more and a decent campfire really. [i'd like to post a bit more, but alas, at the time of writing this, time is of the essence, so I'll try and update it a little later if I can] cheers, Jonathan


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