Old Man and the Sea

I've worked in healthcare for 35 years. I recently chose to stop work. I don't describe myself as retired but others would identify me in that way. Before leaving I joined the Open University, taking an Open degree in the humanities with modules in creative writing. I have one more year to go. I am interested in voices and how they communicate ideas. By reading and listening to others, and by writing, I am hoping to find my own voice. This is my strategy for transitioning from a life of traditional work to what comes next. This is something most of us have to face, through choice or imposition. What can those of us in this 'post-career' phase of life learn from each other and from others, and what can we contribute to future generations at a time when society is so fractured and polarised. Can Campfire hear voices that have been exiled by the democratic deafness around us ? Phil, age 60 1/2


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