From the Campfire...

Thanks for everyone's posts, especially the recent flurry after Cerys' show. We;re ding another on Thursday evening 8-9pm on Resonance FM... Meanwhile, worth a quick comments on what's happening and where we're going with this. Please bear in mind that this site is designed to be a holding site while we're all beavering away finishing the actual social network, which is currently being tested and will launch very soon at You can read more about our ideas on the various pages here. Some details of what the features are and some screen grabs at, some ideas relating to the ethos behind it all at, for example. Some broader background on our objectives at We’re effectively using this Nationbuilder site as 1) An information site for now and 2) A signing up place for the mailing list. In that sense we’re not enabling profiles here as they is all almost ready to go for when we open up at That domain is the one to bookmark - for now it’s a jumping off page to a variety of resources, in particular our summer launch event, but this where all the cation will take place once the site opens beyond the current beta testers. If you sign up for Founder Membership (if you haven’t already) you’ll be amongst the first on. Onwards and upwards!


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.