Giving thanks

As the crew clears up around on this sunny morning, I’d like to pay tribute to the incredible devotion to the cause from all our volunteers, the enthusiasm and energy of our panellists and the staff of The Bridge Inn, who tirelessly worked all week to ensure a smooth running event. It was fantastic to feel the love and warmth from all around and I have to say that this was the most amazing team of people that I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. In March very few of us even knew each other. We laughed, we hugged, we connected, we imagined, we dreamt, we cried. We celebrated this fragile and temporary humanity. Special mentions for Pete Blunt and Cathryn Butler for their unwavering attention to detail in the build up and through the event itself. This was the ultimate team effort and shows what is possible. The few hundred who came to this inaugural sparking of the Campfire have helped us shape something that can become a force for change, for fresh thinking and new directions. To see a new community come together in a few short months, even before our website is properly active, has been one of the biggest thrills of my life. This is our time and we have to seize the initiative. Rob Lawrie’s tweet this morning meant a lot to me “What an absolute pleasure to part of something that will change the landscape of aid and politics from the bottom up”. It’s that sort of belief and hope that will see this succeed and give us the energy for change. So many have already told their stories to me of how Campfire has inspired them to look at their lives in different way and many have also shared stories of how they’ve made new friends for life and already conceived ideas for new Projects and initiatives and how they can work with others on the social network to progress these ideas. I’m now planning to head for home later today and make final preparations for inviting Founder Members onto our site this week. Watch this space...


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