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Tim and I had a wonderful short break at the Campfire Convention, we really enjoyed the talks and relaxed atmosphere, and the freedom to stretch out for a while without it being over crowded. Here are some suggestions. On arrival it would be good to have a brochure highlighting the map of the site and times of the guest speakers. Maybe when people purchase a ticket on line they can get a downloadable PDF to save on printing costs. Took me a while to realise that there were signs hanging up, and maybe some sign posts showing where the campfire is with arrows or something. We have three kids ranging from 14, 11 and 5. We didn't bring them this year because we wanted to have a break but on arriving and seeing some of the kids having such a ball we wished we have brought them as we could have stayed longer. It would be cool to have a campfire section for their age groups too,maybe an area focused on entertainment for them based on hand crafting, story telling, an enchanted fairy walk through the woods sparking imagination, weaving, building a den out of willow, a two hour afternoon slot for them to dance to etc.. I know many sling mums who do baby carrying so it would be nice to have a mothers den for them to feed their babies, connect on natural parenting etc.. toddler age is always a tricky one so again it would be cool to have an area that parents with young children can relax while they play. Maybe a circle of hay so that the toddlers can't run off with wooden bricks to play with etc.. a blowing bubbles artist,'d be more than happy to connect you to some of my friends who can arrange this - the kids are our future. Young teens could perhaps organise their own music section within the event. I'm aware that many don't want to be tripping over young children while they enjoy a few drinks, relax etc, so creating a separate area could be a compromise and encouraging families to be respectful to the more grown up areas for adults having adult time. (could be costly) instead of disney bouncy castle could be awesome for adults and kids alike. I definately think also that it would be good to have a phone charging portal for people to charge their gadgets, the internet worked really well so that was a good idea as there was limited phone reception. The food was great and there were some good choices, however it would be cool to maybe have a vegetarian/vegan stall and a mocktail bar, young green coconuts, natural ice lollies for kids, juice bar, iced herbal teas etc.. For the people who don't drink alcohol, my husband and I recently gave up the sauce and we love our mocktails and teas. Maybe a few more toilets in the quiet camping area too and a shower if possible.


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    Can be organic but not soil association certified….its very expensive but not affordable for small growers..plenty of these people around particularly in Devon Wales etc….Ive visited/worked on several communties working towards self sufficiency although thats quite difficult with larger numbers of folk! Also they used Biodynamic principles when i lived on a Hebridean island findhorn community called Erraid in 2010..we grew all our veg/fruit organically.
  • commented 2016-08-24 08:45:13 +0100
    I met an interesting guy yesterday who works on all the things that Sakartar Kennedy mentions. Also many farms use organic principles but are not registered organic purely due to the heavy prices they have to pay. Local is a great way to go. As it’s a new festival all these things take time to build on, I thought it was a great start.
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    I found the free range pork cafe wagon strange as using very good meat but the worst white bread rolls i would nt ever eat…Surely it makes sense to use much better healthier bread!!!!??? At those prices id expect it!! Also to have more vegetarian/vegan options might be an idea. I also think would be an idea to discuss or present our food, GMO, animal welfare etc…..why organic /local is the way to go re health economy…etc..
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    Hi there was a printable pdf just as you suggest and describe. Very useful.
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    Thanks Kirsty. You missed the download 48 page pdf! (which is exactly as you are suggesting) Check it here..
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