Social Network

We are busy building our website which we launched to beta testers in late 2016 at a different URL.

We will open shortly.

The main features of the site are :

  • Profiles - from status updates to articles, galleries to portfolios, biogs to events
  • Guilds - play a part in our common interest groups, magazines and forums
  • Projects - the space for current, retrospective or speculative business or leisure pages and resources
  • The Bugle - the overall site magazine.


Campfire will offer the tools to campaign for change at many levels. With resources at our fingertips, we are better positioned to reach consensus on issues and launch effective initiatives. Campfire Projects enable members to showcase an idea, a work-in-progress concept, an event, a campaign, a current business blueprint or an archive, as well as an easy way to find potential collaborators, or display skills that may be useful to others. 

The media is becoming increasingly unreliable and unrepresentative; unbiased news is almost impossible to find, news priories are largely determined by manipulative agendas. The Campfire news agenda will be set by members sharing and recommending articles and features from a diverse range of sources. Campfire magazines – a curated selection members’ news, links and articles - will offer Campfire’s unique take on the world around us and a strong independent editorial voice. 
Here are a few tasters as our pages begin to take shape : 




Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.