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I am so excited about Campfire. I feel like I’ve been waiting for someone to start this ball rolling for years. Perhaps I’m over eager, but I’m trying to get as involved as I can from far away – but I’m running into difficulties. I appreciate it's early days, but there's no FAQ on this website, no contact link for technical help and nowhere to post suggestions related to the website and its design/appearance. Here are some suggestions: • If you don’t have the resources to have dedicated technical help (yet), why not set up a co-operative wailing wall (with Get Satisfaction or a similar service) so people who run into problems can share them – and possibly share solutions - without resorting to posting here and cluttering up this thread. It would also be a place to collect feedback on the website. • My immediate problem is that I have tried repeatedly to upload information and a photograph to my profile, every time without success. If no one’s profile is yet on-line and updating it is not actually possible, why not put a few words to that effect on the fill-in form for the profiles – perhaps with a promise of an e-mail when the service goes live? On the other hand, if the profiles are live – can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong! • One suggestion about the design of the website. Please, PLEASE do something to improve the contrast and readability of your hyperlinks. Pale blue on white is NOT a good choice. The only way my old eyes I can read the words of the hyperlinks is by highlighting them so I can see them as white on dark blue. Just at the moment, that’s what I can give you. Can you give me a reply? Cheers, John


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
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    Hi John. Thanks for your comments and all others which have been coming thick and fast, especially since the BBC 6 interview on Sunday. Please bear in mind that this site is designed to be a holding site while we’re all beavering away finishing the actual social network, which is currently being tested and will launch very soon. You can read more about it on various pages here. Some details of what the features are and some screen grabs at, some ideas relating to the ethos at, for example.

    Some broader background on our objectives at We’re effectively using this Nationbuilder site as 1) An information site for now and 2) A signing up place. In that sense we’re not enabling profiles as they is all almost ready to go when we open up at That domain is the one to bookmark – for now it’s a jumping off page to a variety of resources, in particular our summer launch event, but this where all the cation will take place once the site opens beyond the current beta testers. If you sign up for Founder Membership (if you haven’t already) you’ll be one of the first on.

    Thanks again for the feedback and your over eagerness is more than welcome!
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