Hope for Humanity

I heard Peter talking to Cerys on BBC 6music and was struck by the concept of something different. I've been tiring of twitter for some time and although twitter has been my main source of news, info and links to like minded folk for several years, i've been looking for something to take the many individuals with inspirational ideas and talents to the next level. Capitalism is broken, a failed experiment now only milked by the one percent for everything they can take from the 99%. As a father I'm heartbroken at the thought of world war which again our corrupt 'leaders' are (and have been) planning for years. Injustice is everywhere, humans must and need to do better before it is too late. Mother nature can provide clean, free, green energy for the whole planet, but only once the corrupt political, corporate controlled elite are replaced. There is much to discuss, much to do, for our children and grandchildren sake.


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